Christina Etchberger – lifestyle blogger, Army wife, dog mom, homeschool teacher

It’s a Military Life: Behind the Blog

Before I married my husband, and the Army, I had a very independent life as a full-time educator with family and friends all around me. It took a lot of patience and effort to learn how to transition from what I knew, to a life I viewed as completely different from my previous one. What I have learned now-with two wonderful children, an adorable dog, and my amazing husband-make a home wherever you are, no matter how long you are there!

I choose to make the best out of being a part of a military family and community. Not always easy, but that is what you got us for! YOU create your own happiness, but we will hopefully make your journey an even happier one.

Military spouses are stronger together!

Christina Etchberger

Lifestyle Blogger

Creator of It’s a Military Life-lifestyle blog for military spouses, significant others, and their families. Our website and blog will provide information and personal experiences to hopefully give you some ideas for school and family!

Homeschool Pre-K Teacher

My certification is in Elementary Ed with a minor in Spanish with many endorsements, including ESL. I have many years of experience teaching children of various ages, and adults. I went from full-time public school teacher, to homeschool Pre-K for my preschooler. I love to focus on learn through play with structure.

I will be sharing curriculum ideas, fun interactive activities, and more!

Ideas can now be found on our Military Child Life page, Instagram, and Facebook

Boy Mom

I am a mother of two boys, who are such joys in my life. I love providing activities for my toddler and baby that works with both of their ages and interests. I will provide activity ideas to do with your little ones.

My two sons: Ben and Davey

Military Spouse

My husband Henry and me

Army wife with a one duty experience so far in his career, but I have learned how to ask the right questions and connect to spouses and families that know the answers. On our website, I will provide my own experiences, as well as the stories of other military spouses and advocates.