Let’s touch the lives of others by becoming a pen pal to a veteran!

The Veteran Center staff and residents are so excited to have some pen pal letters coming their way! One resident was just talking about wanting a pen pal-so we better get started! Don’t want to let them down!

The Veteran Center Events Coordinator told me our letters will mean so much to them. Remember, these residents have no visitors due to COVID, and your thoughtful act of kindness will lift up their spirits. I know their pen pal letters back to you will do the same for your own happiness!

Here is How You Can Get Started:

1. Veterans are looking for pen pals of all ages and backgrounds-military or civilian! They want to share their stories with a friend like you! Write a general introductory letter-introduce yourself, ask questions to your pen pal, and share some fun facts about you. The idea is to start a conversation!

2. Address it to:

My Veteran Pen Pal
501 SE Flower Mound Rd
Lawton, OK 735014.

3. On the back of the envelope write: “Pen Pal/Veteran/Military Child/Friend looking for a veteran that that likes… (insert interest)”

They will pair you from there!

Want to send your pen pal letter via email?

Send it to Marilyn.Woods@odva.ok.gov

Subject line-Veteran Pen Pal

Write your general message in the email, and they will pair you with a pen pal after they review your email.

Have fun with it, and share out!

Take a photo of you and your family working on your pen pal letter or craft, and post to our Facebook group: It’s a Military Outreach Life

Thank you! EVENT IS ONGOING, so take your time and start sending mail to your pen pal whenever you are ready!

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