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Homeschooling: How to Begin

How does a family even begin to start teaching their child or multiple children at home? Learn through playing! As a former full time teacher, with experiences ranging from preschool to adult education, I always used the summer time to … Continue reading Homeschooling: How to Begin

Homeschooling: Start Simple with Pre-K Goals

Summer is a time for teacher prep and finding out what works for you. We always have a scheduled day in our house (2.5 year old and 8 month old brothers), but our activities are mostly very simple. I address … Continue reading Homeschooling: Start Simple with Pre-K Goals

Spotlight: The Homeschool Project Podcast

Last year we decided that we were going to homeschool our children.  It was something that we had thought about for quite a while and we finally made the decision.  About 6 months ago we started the Homeschool Project Podcast to try and build a community … Continue reading Spotlight: The Homeschool Project Podcast

Teen Perspective: It’s Cool to be Homeschooled!

This piece is by a military teen-Elena A. Thanks for sharing your story, Elena! Before high school, I had never been to public school before. For half of my life, I was homeschooled. I originally started homeschooling in 1st grade. … Continue reading Teen Perspective: It’s Cool to be Homeschooled!

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Episode 42: Self Care and Looking Out for Numero Uno (Homeschooling / Parenting) The Homeschool Project Podcast

Welcome back and thank you for joining us! Today’s episode is on a topic that is dear to our hearts and that is, your identity and finding ways to keep your identity flame burning. With the daily roles and responsibilities we have towards our family, homes, and educating our children or going to work, it’s so easy to fall into the trap of forgetting about numero uno (you). We need to keep in mind that these seasons in life are not forever. Things will change and when they do, will you still feel confident in knowing who you are?  Are you taking time for yourself right now? So grab a seat and join us as we discuss how to focus on yourself and your own passions. By doing so, we feel that you will become a better version of yourself.We hope you enjoy and find inspiration.This week we celebrate making #9 on Feedspot’s Top 20 Homeschool Podcasts You Must Follow in 2020! tuned next week when we have Samantha Shank from Learn In Color join us for an amazing discussion. Until then, be sure to check out her website and find her on Instagram as she provides many homeschooling and educational resources that make learning fun and interesting. visit us and all of our content at thehomeschoolprojectpodcast.comAs always, let’s Light a Fire They Can’t Put Out.Thank you for listening!

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