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How many of you have countless Pinterest boards but don’t know where to start? Many pins, but no actual projects completed?

Yes! I am there with you! IML has featured wonderful experts that have included lots of great home decor and DIY inspiration. They have provide some easy step-by-step tutorials that I know you will enjoy.

Here’s to making a house a home!

DIY and Home Decor Inspiration

Spotlight: Bryant, Mark, and Oliver from @thecozyhomegays

Thank you so much Bryant, Marko, and little Oliver from @thecozyhomegays, for interviewing with It’s a Military Life for our Happy Home page launch and getting us excited for our theme week: Making a House a Home. We will be focusing on ways to make a house a home, with DIY projects, home decor advice, … Continue reading Spotlight: Bryant, Mark, and Oliver from @thecozyhomegays

Upcycled DIY Decor: Self-Watering Wine Bottle Planter

DIY by: Bryant and Marko @thecozyhomegays We made these fun semi-hydroponic planters out of upcycled wine bottles! Our version uses leca as a soil substitute. Leca are expanded clay pebbles that pull water up to the roots of your plant using capillary action. You can find large bags of leca on Amazon and even IKEA! … Continue reading Upcycled DIY Decor: Self-Watering Wine Bottle Planter

Fall Wreath

DIY By: Amanda @findingmandee Wreaths are definitely among my top 10 favorite things ever! They are an inexpensive way to decorate your home and celebrate each season. Many times I have scrolled across wreaths on Pinterest and have been astounded by the price….$349 for ONE WREATH! Unless you just have a thing for outrageously overspending … Continue reading Fall Wreath

Spotlight: Desiree Walker

What inspired you to begin you social media platform?  “Honestly, I opened up an Instagram account because I was bored and lonely. At the same time I started a blog called ‘croutons for dinner’. My husband was deployed and I needed something to do to stay busy. I was a newish mom and it was … Continue reading Spotlight: Desiree Walker

My 5 Minute Autumn Wreath

DIY By: Christina Etchberger Autumn is almost here and it’s one of my favorite seasons to decorate our home. Recently our DIY contributor Amanda @findingmandee, showcased her beautiful fall wreath. I was inspired to get out our family’s fall decorations to create my own! Every season I use the same Joann Fabrics easy-to-use iron wreaths, … Continue reading My 5 Minute Autumn Wreath

DIY Whimsical Halloween Wreath

DIY By: Amanda @findingmandee October is almost here! And while I don’t have my Halloween decorations out just yet, that doesn’t mean that I’m not getting them ready! In keeping my New Year’s Resolutions, I did a massive clean out of my entire house, including holiday decorations. I ended up getting rid of several of … Continue reading DIY Whimsical Halloween Wreath

Featured Contributors

Bryant and Marko with little Oliver @thecozyhomegays

Crafting a more beautiful world through gardening, decor, and DIY as a family

Bryant, Marko, and little Oliver are an Army family, and together run the IG page TheCozyHomeGays as a way to celebrate their family bonded by love and open adoption. They share a glimpse into their lives to showcase the joys of family and how crafting a more beautiful world through gardening, decor, and DIY allows them to create together as a family. 

Amanda Lifestyle Blogger and Project Expert @findingmandee

Army wife, avid DIY-er, and mom to 2 spunky girls

“Hi! I’m Amanda, Army wife, displaced Floridian, list-making expert, avid DIY-er, amateur traveler, and mom to 2 spunky girls. My blog is dedicated to helping military spouses find their way through this chaos we call life.”