Deployment and PCS

Here are a few of my favorite resources I have found online for those inevitable deployments, and stressful PCS moves. Anything from my go-to blog to amazing companies that will make your PCS move and deployments easier to manage. I am so excited to share these resources with you! Share in the comments your go-to blogs and must-haves, when preparing for a deployment or PCS.

Military spouses are stronger together, so here’s to happier and easier deployments and PCS moving experiences!

My Go-To Blog

Julie is the owner of Soldier’s Wife, Crazy Life, a blog to help support other military spouses through deployments, PCS moves, or anything else military life throws at you. She has been a military spouse for almost 15 years, with her husband having served in the active-duty Army and now the Army National Guard. They have lived in Germany, and Tennessee during their time as a military family, have three boys and have been through four deployments. She loves to read, write, and be apart of the milspouse blogging community. 

Check out her amazing book The Newbie’s Guide to Military Life: Surviving a PCS and More! by Noralee Jones and Julie Provost

Click the link to IML’s featured blog post about Fort Sill!

Rachelle-owner of Sea to Sea with Love

Care Package Must-Haves

Rachelle is the owner and creator of Sea to Sea with Love. She is a Navy wife of 10 years and a stay at home mom to three little ones. Rachelle creates each care package flaps by hand, and ships them with love.

Check out her FREEBIE for the Ultimate Care Package Packing List!

BoxOps-moving startup company where “Innovation meets relocation!”

PCS Moving Must-Have

Shea is an Army wife with two kids, and the owner of BoxOps! She started working on her business in 2018 after a horrible move. Previously they had always moved themselves so this was a big wake-up call.
That’s when she realized that if she had been more organized & aware of the process, it would have been so much smoother – so I set out to help others be more prepared!

She started out trying to improve what was available with some basic color-coded moving labels and it snowballed from there – they’ve evolved a lot over time and now she is launching new designs soon that will offer the best functionality on the market!

PILLAR-Digital Retreat for Deployment Countdowns


PILLAR will run Sunday, November 8th through Tuesday, November 10th with a variety of presentations to choose from each day.


It’s 100% online!  There’s no need to do your hair or leave the house–we’ll be hosting speakers, giveaways and discussions all day from our interactive Facebook group.

What to expect

PILLAR is partnering with seasoned military spouses & lifestyle experts to bring you short, actionable advice about everything from long-distance relationships to managing the stress of a deployment.  Each presentation is 5-15 minutes and can be watched any time you’re available!

Party it up!

It’s not just about learning–this weekend is a true retreat including opportunities for connection, actionable growth, and relaxation.  We’ll have everything from panel discussions to yoga and vision-boarding sessions. Fill up a cup of your favorite beverage and join the party!

Brave Crate-the deployment countdown box for military spouses

Deployment Milspouse Care Package

Brave Crate now supports thousands of Military Spouses each year with a carefully curated monthly delivery of self development and personal wellness products that allow her to shift her focus away from counting the days and onto setting goals and finding joy- so that she can conquer the deployment countdown and meet her spouse at homecoming as the strongest and most resilient version of herself.  
Brave Crate offers monthly, 3-month or 6-month plans for military spouses who are counting down deployment. Our gift option is so incredibly special to me, and includes a handwritten note from the sender in each box. 


  • Month-to-month: $39.99
  • 3- Month Plan: $36.99/month
  • 6- Month Plan: $33.99/ month

Non-renewing gift plans available. Gift plan include a handwritten note

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