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Written By: Christina Etchberger

I’m Christie! Army wife, boy mom x 2, lifestyle blogger, freelance writer, and advocate for the military community – #militaryspouses #militaryfamilies #militarychildren and our #veterans

I’m so passionate about my lifestyle blog at http://www.itsamilitarylife.com.

It’s a Military Life with It’s a Military Child Life highlight so many military spouses, veterans, and supportive resources for the military community.

10 Interesting Facts About IML:

It’s a Military Life– a supportive #milso and vet networking community, sharing lifestyle content, personal stories, collaboration opportunities, Military child resources.

✨Lifestyle blog with tons of content from military community contributors! 👩🏾‍💻

✨It’s a Military Child Life section, featuring homeschooling and learning resources!

Workout and PT videos from military spouses and #fitnessmotivators @zohragalka and @caseylsnyder @more.than.physical.therapy 💪

SHOP page showcasing products and services of military spouse and veteran owned small businesses, as well as ones who support the military community 🛍

✨It’s a Military Outreach Life section focusing in on our favorite outreach programs, including our very own #veteranpenpalproject

Spotlight interviews spotlighting military spouses, families, and veterans! Sharing their personal stories 💕

✨Blog posts written by teens for teens thanks to @bloommilitaryteens

✨Delicious recipes that are healthy and easy to make for the family!

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✨Announcing IML’s NEWEST section “IML Must Reads” with our first featured author Louise Campbell!

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