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The Homeschool Project Podcast

What is The Homeschool Project Podcast?

We are Nathan and Anita, military family and homeschooling parents to 3 beautiful children. We are the hosts of The Homeschool Project Podcast where we get together weekly to share ideas, thoughts, and some laughs. Listen as we discuss our homeschooling journey, the good, the bad, and everything in between. Be sure to subscribe to their new blog!

Anita and Nathan, Hosts of the Homeschool Project Podcast

Toddler Mini Series

It’s amazing how toddlers can turn your smooth sailing day upside down within seconds! I get it, my sisters get it…and that’s why we created a Toddler Mini Series (Episodes 20, 21, & 22) so you can join in on the frustrations and laughters of life with these little tikes, and tips on how to make it all work 😊

Episode 20– we discuss the struggles that occur in general during the developmental stage of toddlers, whether homeschooling or not 🤦

Episode 21– we speak about the needs of toddlers during this stage as well as ways to involve your toddler in learning and prime times to knock off core subjects in your homeschool 🙌

Episode 22– we discuss what to do when toddlers won’t nap and want nothing to do with learning 😒 Busting out the homeschool hacks! We also provide many resources in this episode 💕

Toddler Mini Series by @homeschool_project_podcast

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Anita and Nathan 

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Welcome back and thank you for joining us! On today’s episode, we spend time with the Lawrence family as they share their inspiring homeschooling story. From making the decision to remove their son from public school to embarking on a journey of unknowns, parents Kemiko and Mark knew that their son Anthony’s best interest lay at home with them.  After graduating from homeschool Anthony has gone on to become the first African American male officer to graduate from the Air Force’s Pilot Training Next Program.  His story is one of encouragement and should inspire every one of us who homeschools their children.  It helps remind us all that anything is possible and that just because one system fails us another is waiting to embrace are true talents.  We hope you enjoy this amazing conversation!  Please visit us and all of our content at  If you have any comments or show ideas please send us an email at  As always lets Light a Fire They Can’t Put Out.  Thanks for listening.  Kemiko LawrenceKombucha Founder & Brewmaster @kemboochaFB: KombuchaAiming high:  ASU grad student pursues dream of flight – Force’s Pilot Training NEXT program –
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